The newly appointed Inspector General (IG) of the Malawi Police Service, Paul Kanyama will have to wait till next week Wednesday for parliament to consider the recommendation of the Executive arm of government to officially confirm him as the new IG.

FaceofMalawi speaking to Leader of the House Francis Kasaila in an interview explained that Kanyama’s confirmation will be among the business the House will consider during the Mid-Term Budget Review sitting from Monday next week.

To be confirmed, Kanyama will need support from a simple majority of the members of Parliament (MPs) present and voting, according to Section 154 (2) of the Constitution.

The provision adds that even after the confirmation, the IG’s performance will be monitored constantly by the Public Appointments Committee (PAC) of Parliament— a standing committee of the House that provides oversight on the administrative decisions and functions of the Executive.

Kanyama was appointed as IG about two months ago to replace Lot Dzonzi who was appointed Deputy Permanent Representative of Malawi to the United Nations in New York, United States of America, by the president himself Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika,

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