The long awaited construction of fuel reserves across the country is almost finished as two of the three reserves have been completed.

The two are those in Mzuzu and Lilongwe which have a capacity of 10 and 25 million litres respectively. The reserves in Blantyre, according to Mines, Energy and Natural
Resources Minister Atupele Muluzi would be completed in May this year.

According to the minister the 60 million reserves will help Malawi when there is a
fuel crisis on the global scene. After the completion of the reserves, the silos will be able to store fuel for about 60 days unlike in the past were we could store it for less than two weeks.

“These strategic fuel silos are gateway towards boosting the country’s development because they are being constructed in such a way that the country would have fuel of up to three and half months when supply is disrupted.

“Currently we are almost in final stages for the two fuel reserves while the other one is expected to be finalized in the next three months,” said Muluzi.

“The adjustments however, would depend on global commodity price and the stabilization of kwacha,” he added.

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