Police in Dedza have launched an investigation of a rape incident that occurred at Chimbiya Police in the district whereby it is alleged that a male police officer raped a female workmate at gunpoint.

Information reaching FaceofMalawi from National Police Spokesperson Rhoda Manjolo revealed that the incident occurred during the night of 31st January when the two were on duty.

“It’s true we heard that at Chimbiya Police a male police officer raped a female workmate while on duty and when it happened independent police officers went to investigate the case and we are expecting a report of their investigations,” said Manjolo.

Manjolo said people should understand that police will do its job professionally considering that there is no one who is above the law even the police who enforces the law have faults.

She said the two were currently still working as investigations continue to find out whether the accused has the case to answer or not.

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