Government said it will end the Albino Killings which have recently rocked the nation. This was said by Edith Mkawa, a permanent secretary in the office of the president and cabinet.

“Among our plans we aim to civic educate on what albinism is all about. We also want to further strengthen security in the country”, said Edith yesterday.

The government has also said they want to conduct a research on why albino killings have been occurring in Malawi.
Speaking of the same issue, the deputy commissioner for the south, Foster Peter Mangani blames the general public for its reluctance to report suspected albino killers.

“Citizens must take part in ending the killings by informing the police of any suspicious activities concerning albino killings in their areas”, said Mangani.

The chairperson for the Association of Persons with Albinism (APAM) Boniface Masa has implored the government to do more to combat this evil practice.

“We are now afraid to travel people are even calling us Ndalama (money) when they see us. This is not good, said Masa.

Albino killings have greatly affected albinos in the country. Many of the children have dropped from school, and the adults are not socializing much.

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