Malawians on Tuesday March 3, 2015 commemorated the Martyrs’ Day in the northern district of Nkhata-bay with a call that the British government should compensate those people who were tortured in the 1950’s uprising.

Speaking during the invent which was marred by heavy rains in Nkhata-Bay ground, renowned Lawyer and Nkhata Bay Central parliamentarian Ralph Mhone suggested that the British government has all the reason to compensate war victims in the country as they were unarmed.

“Malawi has a better case as those killed were not armed as opposed to the matter of the Mau Mau in Kenya who put up an armed struggle but were compensated by the British,” said Mhone.

Mhone said Brittan knows that Malawians were not rebels but freedom fighters who were fighting the highly armed colonial forces.

On his Part, Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe who represented President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika at the ceremony urged Malawians across the country to look back and reflect on the role that the martyrs played in the struggle to self-rule.

In his apology before Britain’s parliament, Foreign Secretary William Hague expressed regret over violations of human dignity during Mau-Mau rebellion and he asked for out of court settlements.

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