As the country is still trying to recover from the recent floods and heavy rains which has left about 200 people dead and over 200,000 displaced it’s been discovered that there has been a Shortage of food in most of the flood camps in Nsanje.

According to the Ministry of Youth, Sports Development and Culture with support from Chibuku Sub miller, they donated Mahewu beverage to the flood survivors, Mota Engil Camp Manager Michael Chanza disclosed that they have been failing to feed the survivors individually due to shortage of food supplies, resorting communal feeding.

“It is a known fact that we have acute food shortages. The situation has forced us to communal feeding abandoning the one we have been using of providing food to a family,” Chanza explained.

“The cam has over 3,161 people from the areas of Traditional Authorities Malemia, Nyachikadza, and Ngabu while some are Mozambicans, so we need more support for the people to survive,” he added.

Over the weekend, the Ministry of Youth Sports Development and Culture with support from Chibuku Sub miller donated Mahewu beverage worth K17.5 million to the camp.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry, Joseph Mwandidya said they were still lobbying for support from various companies to alleviate the suffering of the flood victims.

“We are duty bound to lobby for more flood victims’ support to ensure positive living in the camps. As a Youth and Sports Ministry, we are doing everything possible to find solutions for the food shortage in the camps,” said Mwandidya.

Chibuku Sub miller corporate Affairs Manager Wise Chauluka said they thought of donating Mahewu so that the people have a taste of their product.

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