Police in Mpumalanga are investigating a burglary in which intruders left eight used condoms in the living room of their victims, who happen to be journalists.

Provincial police spokesman Colonel Leonard Hlathi said this was the second time that Commuter local newspaper journalist Lwazi Raul and freelance journalist Lolo Madonsela”s house in Kanyamazane near Mbombela was broken into in a space of three weeks.

“We are investigating another case of housebreaking and theft. However, we believe that the suspect is the same as the last person who broke into the house last month,” said Hlathi on Thursday.

Hlathi confirmed that a sealed quart of beer was also left inside the victims” fridge when the intruder/s struck on Saturday night.

“Maybe some DNA tests can help us with this case or other cases. At the moment we cannot say whether the suspect was masturbating in the house or those condoms could have been used in some rape incidents. We believe police will be able to get to the bottom of this,” said Hlathi.

Speaking to African Eye News Service, Raul said he was returning to the house he is sharing with Madonsela when he found the padlock to their burglar doors broken, all their food cooked and his home theatre system missing on Saturday night.

To his horror, there were eight used condoms scattered on the floor.

He said he found the kitchen door open, but showing no signs of any forced entry.

“I became scared but proceeded to the living room, where I found eight used condoms. I was dazed because I also noticed that my home theatre system was missing. When I went back to the kitchen I found that three mixed portions of chicken and some Boerewors that I had recently bought had been fried. Only one piece of meat remained.

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