Livingstonia Synod of the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) Reverend Matiya Nkhoma has been robbed of MK100, 000 by unknown fraudsters posing as Special Assistant to President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.

The development comes barrels weeks after rumours were all over the Social media that some Aide to President Mutharika are demanding Cash from the general public in the name of arranging meetings with the President.

According to information sourced by FaceofMalawi, the fraudster told Nkhoma that he has arranged an audience with President Mutharika for him and Paramount Chief Mbelwa VI at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe over the weekend.

After that, the trickster posed as Chief Mbelwa VI calling Reverend Matiya Nkhoma, demanding money amounting to MK100, 000 to be used for fuel and that will be repaid after the meeting.

Reverend Nkhoma was left with no option but to send the money through mobile money transfer for him (Chief Mbelwa) to buy fuel to travel to Lilongwe for the meeting with the President.

Upon reaching Lilongwe drama started to unfold as the State House was not aware of the meeting and the trickster phone was no available.

Then Nkhoma called Chief Mbelwa through the number the trickster used to find out about the meeting and his number was not available.

Meanwhile State House has commended the malpractice and has warned the general public to beware of the fraudsters.

“State House strongly condemns these unfortunate incidences as pure criminal acts and would like to disassociate State House, most importantly The Head of State from these incidences.

“State House with the assistance of the Police and other law enforcement agencies is taking seriously these reports and will investigate the incidences as they have the potential to bring into disrepute the name of State House and The President. Anyone who will be caught in connection with these acts will be prosecuted accordingly,” reads in part the statement signed by Presidential Press Officer Chikondi Juma.

Juma said State House does not use phone calls when arranging meeting with the President and any other persons.

“State House wishes to put on the record that its officials or The President’s Aide do not, will not and will never communicate through the phone to arrange a meeting with The President. There are well established channels of communication and procedures to be followed by anyone wishing or asked to meet The Head of State.

We therefore, appeal to all government officials and all members of the Public to follow these normal channels and to always verify any communication purported to be coming from or related to State House,” said Juma.

Juma has urged the general public in the country to be demanding relevant identification documents from anyone claiming to be from State House and to verify with relevant authorities at State House before setting off for State House to meet the President or releasing any valuable materials including cash to unknown people.

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