This is exclusively for the ladies, but if you are a male and you are reading this, you are so much welcome to this topic. I believe you (male) have being wondering if the ladies do shave their private part’s (vagina as meant in this article) hair.

Shaving is the removal of hair, by the use of a razor, knife or any other bladed equipment, to slice it down to the level of the skin or as most preferred.

The truth about this is that many ladies do not shave their private part’s hair, they prefer it bushy, while some others like it shaved so they can fell the cool air that penetrates through the minuscule openings on their dresses.

As neat and good looking as the ladies you see well dressed, well make-up and looking juicy are, 90% of those ladies have their pubic regions unshaven I mean very bushy.

A tip to know a lady who does not have her pubic region unshaven and bushy is, when a lady wearing what is popularly known as leggings walk past you, smartly look at her lower part (pubic region), you will notice that the area is enlarged or a kind of curvy. That tells you that there is an unshaven pubic region in front of you. Depending on how large it is, it tells you how thick the forest is.

Even Lady Gaga has her pubic region unshaven and another female celebrity said she would love to have hair on her pubic region, and that celebrity is Cameron Diaz.

Some ladies seem to have reasons for not having their vagina hair shaved, while some are just lazy to do it.

Lady in Transparent wear

One of the reasons for some ladies not having their gina’s hair shaven is, the prefer most guys likes the **gina they drill bushy.

Another reason is that most ladies are not comfortable with their pubic hair shaven. To those ladies who use this as reason, explain to us why.

Now the question that should be asked is, does that area not have a stinking bad odor? (By now I know the guys are so enjoying this topic) but to the ladies not to worry theirs coming up soon.


It is your body and you choose how you want to keep it.


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