Lilongwe Police are keeping in custody about 70 passengers who have been recently repatriated from South Africa, in a bus en-route back to the Milk and Honey country.

According to Police reports, a bus registration number NA 4151 which had over seventy passengers on board was found around Biwi Township after it developed fault.

Lilongwe Police Officer in Charge Jimmy Gama speaking to journalists said an angry mob descended on the bus after it was established that some of the passengers are Malawians who have just arrived in the country in the buses that government hired to ferry the victims.

“The people around Biwi were very angry with these people, they wanted to assault them because according to the crowd the passengers are not appreciative of what government has done to bring them back home,” said Gama.

Gama said he deployed officers to manage the situation which he said was getting out of hand.

According to Gama the law enforcers managed to establish that 6 out of the 73 passengers had indeed arrived in the country using the hired buses ferrying xenophobic victims.

He also indicated that only 13 passengers had passports out of the 73 travellers.

“They are young boys and girls in the group and one tends to wonder why they are risking going back to a country where their lives are not safe,” wondered Gama.

Meanwhile the bus and the passengers are being kept at Area 3 Police where they are waiting to be assessed by Immigration officers.

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