With each passing day,there is a new girl trying to be Kim Kardashian. Meet Cuban Kim K ,21 year old Kathy Ferreiro who is set to take over from Kim.

kathy ferreiro
kathy ferreiro

Based in Miami, she is famous for strutting around beaches in her bikini.

kathy ferreiro1

She also swears her pictures are real,no photoshop and her body 100 percent natural.

kathy ferreiro2

Her PR guru, John told Mailonline

kathy ferreiro3

‘She really is the new kid on the block and has arrived with a big bang.’The great thing is her body is all natural and that is why she is drawing so much attention. She’s a gorgeous girl with curves in all the right places.

Kim kardashian
Kim kardashian

‘In my opinion it won’t be long before we see here face and bu tt plastered everywhere. All I can say is Kim Kardashian, look out!’

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