Kamilla is blazing a trail for British Muslims who are embracing a traditional form of marriage to absolve themselves of the sin of premarital sex. Kamillah, a prostitute with 85k Twitter followers (her twitter account seems to have been deleted), says you can have sin-free sex by entering into a nikah mut’ah, a temporary marriage, for as little as an hour.

She says, for £350, you can marry her for one hour, by reading a religious text in Arabic to confirm the marriage, taking the money as a dowry. £300 is for the sex, and £50 is for the temporary marriage. Once your time is up, she divorces you from their temporary marriage nikah mut’ah arrangement.

If you want another visit, you have to wait 3 months before you can marry her again.

In a secret video filmed by the newspaper, she revealed:

“I married myself to you for one hour and agreed upon the money you’ve given me. Its £300 and £50 for the marriage. If you want to renew it we can do it within three months.

“Even though we do mut’ah, you must still use a condom. I don’t do it without condom. Some people think that if you do mut’ah you don’t have to use a condom.

She is one of many Muslim girls making this service available through online sites, and she talked about one of her clients:

I did it with one Saudi who converted to Shia Islam only so he could do nikah mut’ah. He was in London for 2 months. I was his wife for the 2 months. I lived with him and I wasn’t allowed to be with any other man.

He paid very good money. He is coming back next year and we’ll do it again. It’s common for Arabs to do it. Marriage is halal, dating is haram.

The Daily Star reports that Fairuza is believed to be one of many Muslim women now offering the guilt-free service.

On a hidden escort advertising website, Fairuza boasts to have “very beautiful natural 34DD breasts and a very pretty face with juicy lips.”

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