The direction this world is heading is very rough as the sheep turn against the flock and the word of God is now used for monetary and persona gains.


A renowned priest (name withheld) in Karonga was last week Friday busted with a choir member in a guest house by his wife following a tip from her beloved ones.


The man of God has since been demoted from his church duties and has also stopped appearing in public as his once famous image is now dented.

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  1. This is very pathetic if the priest is doing this so what more the follower pliz try to chance your ways so that people shud follow u in touchable heart of praising the lord through the u (priest) let us praise the lord deeply down our heart not in this way of pretending like we are the sons of him but not. know that the lord is always awake God never sleep always he sees us everywhere we are going to hide


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