Drama surrounds the death of a 23 year old Malawian man who was reportedly killed by train as new information indicates that the man was actually pushed onto the front of a train.

The action was part of the anti-migrant attacks in South Africa. The xenophobians fled.

One of the daily papers in South Africa, Daily Sun of Wednesday reported that the man threw himself in front of a moving train after hearing that he will be taken back to Malawi.

According to the paper, the deceased identified as Felix Kandulu told his friends that he would rather die in South Africa than being repatriated.
But in a twist of the event, eyewitness told the Press that the deceased was pushed to the train.

“If he wanted to die, he could have stayed and the xenophobic South Africans could have killed him the way they killed Sithole and a lot others,” the eyewitness was quoted as saying.

The deceased was pronounced dead on the spot.

Meanwhile the government is yet to comment on the matter.

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