Ntcheu have Police have launched a manhunt for four unknown thugs whom last week Friday hijacked a Toyota Fortuna, Registration number MC 28 which belonged to Haven Car Hire.

Confirming the development with FaceofMalawi Ntcheu Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Hastings Chigalu revealed that the driver identified as Sydney Kagwira was on his way from Lilongwe to Zomba where the vehicle was to be used by another car hire company, Mame Car Hire when the incident occurred.

Sydney Kagwira hails from Kapesi village of T/A Kachere in Dedza district.

According to Chigalu the driver was on his way to Zomba when offered a lift to four unknown men at Mathanki bus stage in Biwi, Lilongwe. The police officer said the Haven’s car hire Chauffeur was convinced by the four to have been on two separate journey when they told him that each pair were going to Ntcheu district and Balaka district respectively.

From there on the four launched attack on the driver at a place called Mapila along M1 road almost 2 Kilometre from Lizulu going to Ntcheu, said Chigalu.

Sgt Chigalu said the four passengers, tied and put the driver at the back of the vehicle before dumping him somewhere near Lizulu Police but was left unharmed.

Police have since arrested the driver for further questioning particularly on finding out if he connived with the robbers.

Sgt Chigalu has since urged drivers to refrain from offering lift to unknown men particularly at Biwi, Mathanki bus stage because there are have been numerous car theft cases staged in a similar fashion.

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