Shocking story as a 14 year old primary school girl who eloped with a certain boy on Tuesday, cried on top of her voice uncontrollably at Ntchisi police station in protest to the arrest of her husband after being withdrawn from early marriage in Kasungu.

“The girl was in school when she disappeared from our family. She was in standard 8 and was expecting to write her Primary School Leaving Certificate Examinations (PSLC),” said Madalitso Mkwezalamba, the father to the girl, who was struggling to comfort the girl at the police station.

The father narrated that the girl disappeared when a certain boy visited their village in Nthondo area in Ntchisi. He said rumours had it that the two were staying at Malomo Trading Centre in the district.

“We informed Malomo police and upon investigations, it was established that they had moved to Kasungu, Mtunthama area, where Malomo police rushed to arrest the husband and brought him to Ntchisi police,” said Mkwezalamba.

The father said he was very shocked with her daughter’s behaviour and thought the boy had used charms to make the girl lose out her senses.

“I didn”t expect her to behave this way. How can she cry for the boy we don”t know? She doesn”t want to get any word from anybody what she wants is the boy. Am very shocked and embarrassed,” said the father who looked confused with the whole episode.

He further said it was dramatic on Tuesday evening, because as she cried the girl insisted that either her husband be released from the police cell or the police should arrest her too.

“Of course the situation was getting out of hand, and this prompted one officer to scare her by saying she will be shot if she continued causing havoc in the police premises. The girl is very childish. Her crying was disturbing the whole surrounding area, it was too much,” said a police officer on duty.

After being scared by the police, the young girl took a direction away from her home crying on top of her voice with her father following her, trying to persuade her to go home.

The incident is taking place amidst campaigns by various stakeholders on girl child education and fight against early marriages.

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