Sad story as a Group 4 Security Guard (G4S) who was guarding at Kiboko Town Hotel located in old town near Lilongwe Post Office was in the early hours of Wednesday found dead.

Information gathered by FacefoMalawi throughLilongwe Police Public Relations Officer (PRO) Inspector Kingsley Dandaula, revealed that the deceased was identified as Lim Pelekamoyo Chirwa aged 43 from Kandapasalu village, Traditional Authority Kaomba in Kasungu district.

“The deceased was found lying dead by some customers who woke up early to go for jogging who reported to the owners and Lilongwe police. The Police found the guard with a rope tied on his neck and a pile of stones around the area,” said Dandaula.

The further said a post-mortem revealed that he died of suffocation and internal injuries; he however, said the Police did not know the motive as nothing was stolen from the Hotel. He said investigations were still underway to apprehend the culprits and to find out the motive for the killing.

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  1. Härligt att se er pÃ¥ banan, att det blev disk pÃ¥ Tazza gör ingenting, det var ju fösta starten och framför allt precis som förra inlägget skrev sÃ¥ kan ju inte hundar läsa retitlaslustorna 🙂 Du är sÃ¥ duktig med dina hundar och underbart att se er pÃ¥ film, Tazza ,Chilli och du.

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