There were tears of jubilations on Saturday at Zomba Cathedral when Archbishop Thomas Msusa of Blantyre Archdiocese promoted 20 seminarians to the Order of Deacons.

Speaking during his homily, Msusa, who is Apostolic Administrator for Zomba Diocese, called upon the new deacons to be permanent ministers of the service.

“Your ministry will always be threefold; ministers of the altar, ministers of the word and ministers of mercy or charitable works. Thus apart from ministering the Sacrament of Eucharist through the table at the altar you will be consoling and giving hope to people through preaching and serving those in need of help at all levels without discrimination,” Msusa added.

The Acting Rector of St. Peter”s Major Seminary, Fr. Samuel Malamulo thanked all those that had been supporting the seminarians to reach to the level of deacons.

He appealed for more support to the seminary as foreign aid keeps on dwindling.

One of the ordinands, Deacon Joseph Biliati, called upon young people to work hard in school and choose wisely for the future. He called upon parents to guide their children properly.

The celebration which attracted people from all corners of Malawi saw three seminarians each from Zomba (Samuel Mangulenje, Isaac Tsegula and Peter Lufeyo) and Blantyre Archdiocese (Daniel Kambalame, Foster Matope and Davison Salamba) being ordained deacons.

Others were Matthews Simwela (from Karonga Diocese), two from Franciscan Capuchin Congregation( Vineeth Panackappillil and Febin Mampilly), five from Dedza Diocese (Joseph Biliati, Matthews Chimtendere, Lazarus Magonde, Emmanuel Tchuma and Alfred Kalumbi) and six from Lilongwe Archdiocese (Damaseke Francis, Andrew Kholowa, Kelvin Khodola, Tadeo Jobo, Raphael Piringu and Alberto Elifala).

It takes nine years for one to become a diocesan priest and diaconate ordination takes place in the eighth year when the candidate has already studied philosophy alongside human sciences at Kachebere Major Seminary in Mchinji and three years of theological studies in Zomba.mana

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