Opposition People’s Party (PP) has finally bowed down to the resignation of its Party’s Second Vice President for the Southern Region Brown Mpinganjira.

Mpinganjira resigned from the Party on Tuesday, citing personal reasons.

Speaking in an interview with the Press, PP Publicity Secretary Ken Msonda said the Party is not worried but just concerned about Mpinganjira’s resignation.

Msonda said the Party respect Mpinganjira’s decision.

“BJ knows what he is doing. It is his constitutional right to join or leave any political party, faith group or organisation. PP is very democratic, we practice Intraparty democracy,” said Msonda.

Mpinganjira’s resignation comes at a time the Party is preparing to welcome its founder and Malawi’s former President Dr. Joyce Banda who is set to arrive in the country next from United States of America.

Banda left the country just after being booted out of the high office through the May 20, 2014 tripartite election which saw the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) emerging victorious.

Since then nothing much was head from the Party but others joked that the Party was nursing the wounds sustained during the elections.

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