The United Democratic Front (UDF) has come out of the cocoon and added its voice on the recent move by its MPs in Parliament to relocate to government benches, saying all procedures were followed on the matter.

In a statement released to the Press signed by UDF Secretary General Kandi Padambo said the Party conducted consultation throughout the country on the matter.

Padambo also said UDF MPs have not violated any section in relocating to government benches as alleged by some quarters.

“The consultation process involved the National Executive Committee, members of parliament and also Regional and district levels during regional conferences in Lilongwe in the central region at Pacific Hotel, Balaka in the Eastern Region at Sun Village Hotel, and Blantyre at Grace Bandawe.

“It is for this reason that the party referred the matter to its lawyers for a legal opinion. The legal opinion found that the decision would not flout any law let alone section 65 of the Republican constitution as some quarters were suggesting,” said Padambo.

Added Padambo: “This opinion was also collaborated by another one from the Attorney General after the office of the Speaker of National Assembly had referred the matter to the office for an opinion.”

Padambo also warned Party members to desist making comments in the media that have potential of causing confusion in the party.

“The UDF and its entire leadership derive its mandate from the grassroots. Recognizing the importance of grassroot structures we are a party that prides itself with robust governance structures at all levels and we will continue to engage these structures on this matter.

“We would like therefore to advise party members as well as the general public to disregard any assertion made by anybody to the contrary,” he said.
He however said the party believes in democracy and it will not stifle debate on the matter by members as long as it is done with civility and within the party structures.

The squabbles on the matter came to light when Balaka North MP Lucius Banda refused to relocate to government benches, saying he will support the Democratic progressive Party (DPP) government while in opposition benches.

Banda accused the Party of betraying voters.

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