There are some interesting concluding remarks at the end of ACB docket number CR/LL/428/2011. The docket was sent to me by well-wishing government insiders. CR/LL/428/2011 is an Anti-corruption bureau legal opinion and proposed charges in the matter of allegations of corruption and fraud against ministry of finance/ accountant general’s officials and Malawi police services. Having detailed out the corrupt activities of several well-known cashgate suspects such as Maxwell Namata and others, the final paragraphs of the docket read as follows:

“The role played by Mr. Saulosi Chilima of Airtel Malawi in facilitating laundering of these proceeds of serious crimes should be thoroughly investigated and charges should be brought against him ranging from aiding and abetting theft, aiding and abetting money laundering including the more serious charge of money laundering itself as he accepted money from an individual who he should have duly known that commensurate with his sources of income, could not afford buying the house in area 10 or indeed provide cash-capital for the farm produce business.”

Reading the docket, it is clear that the ACB has gone to great lengths to find construct a chain of corruption that links Maxwell Namata to the current vice President.

Now, a lecture that taught me a short communications course some time ago insisted that the key to a good story is not the ‘what’, the ‘who’ or the ‘when’, but the ‘why’.

There are several ‘whys’ concerning docket CR/LL/428/2011 that immediately aroused my interest. For instance, why was this docket kept under lock and key at the ACB since it was completed in late 2013 and never properly pursued? Why was it that of the several names mentioned in the docket, the only one that has been charged so far is one Maxwell Namata? Why was there, towards the end of 2014, a labored effort to implicate the current vice President? And why, with the vice president so implicated, is the docket again being kept under lock and key?

Not may will believe what my investigations have revealed, but since when did I care what people actually believe when I tell the truth on this page?
The story is that at the instigation of the country’s Prime Minister, who had been tipped that the vice president may have been deeply involved in cashgate, the ACB worked hard to make the connection and implicate the VP. When this was done, however, the Prime Minister then stopped the ACB from taking any further steps.

The Prime Minster’s plan is a simple one. Keep the charges as a dangling sword or Damocles above the Vice President’s head and with that you can blackmail him into doing anything you want him to do, including ensuring that his vice presidency is pliable and malleable, and totally in line with the wishes and machinations of the Prime Minister- corrupt or otherwise.

Have you been wondering about the fact that a man we have hitherto known to be smart and independent thinking is now suddenly doing the brainless political dance and condoning high-level corruption and blatant governance failures? Well, Perhaps you ought to get yourself a copy of ACB docket number CR/LL/428/2011.

To be honest, my fellow Malawians, I am sincerely hoping that in his Parliamentary Address today, the President will say something about the corruption that seems to be overwhelming his administration only a year into power.

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