Information sourced by FaceofMalawi indicate that armed thugs who attacked a Petroda minibus and killed a police officer in cold blood in Lilongwe on Monday, went away with money amounting to MK46.4 million.

The thugs are said to have attacked the minibus at Chilambula road just after leaving the filling station to the bank.

Inside sources suspect that a former police officer and three others whose identities are yet to be disclosed were behind the attack.

A driver’s license and an ATM Card were found in the car used by the criminals he said.

The criminals, who police say are still at large, also snatched two rifles from the police officers. Only one of the rifles, a K2C serial number K007376, has been recovered so far.

Police have also recovered five rounds of official ammunitions but suspect that the criminals used two bullets from a police firearm and have gone away with three rounds live bullets.

No. A5517 Sgt. Anthony Mkokho was killed on the scene whereas his partner No. B3060 Constable James Clifford was shot in the head and is admitted to Kamuzu Central Hospital.

Speaking after the incident yesterday, Minister of Home affairs and Internal Security Atupele Muluzi said Police are doing whatever they can to hunt down suspected criminals.

Over the weekend, armed thugs also invaded the house of United Democratic Front (UDF) top official and shot him on the thigh before going away with undisclosed sums of money.

Meanwhile Police are hunting for the thugs.

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