Professor Arthur Munthalika has appealed to Malawians to produce value added goods and make items that can sell on international market if the country has to benefit from Africa tripartite Free trade area (TFTA) which president signed in Egypt on Thursday during the signing of the.

Munthalika said, Malawi must take advantage of signing of pact to produce goods that can sell on the international market and if we don’t have such goods the there is no way of having the market.
He said this during the press briefing in Sharma el Sheikh, Egypt signed the tripartite free trade area pact which enables free movement of goods and services between 26 different counties.

The president stated that infrastructure growth and physical security is a key for investment in Malawi.
“The country cannot move forward with political instability .we need to be conscious the way we trade with other countries, we need to stay away from demonizing the country to outside the world.

The president outline the significant of increasing the power generating capacity being hydro, solar, biomass to ensure there is enough power in the country.

“At the moment we only have 351 megawatts, we need a 100 megawatts more, the plan is to add 400 megawatts by 2020,” he said.

President said bad information about Malawi scares investors, saying negativity stories about Malawi being an Aids infested, poor Southern African country are not good for the country.

Munthalika further said his main desire is make Malawi self sufficient and independent in five years and improve the lives of Malawians if these companies come, the price of tobacco would go up, and if the telecommunication company comes, the GDP of Malawi will grow,” he explained.

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