A pistol has been recovered in Ntchisi district.A pistol is believed to have been used by armed robbers to terrorize the district.

Police in ntchisi have confirmed of the development and their report indicates that Mr Maliko Falison Mtengula told the police on Wednesday that his nephew Andrea Mathews of ziyenela village had found a gun in his maize garden.

The report further indicated that Andrea Mathews aged 11 and Konzekani Mathews aged 10, went to dig mice in Mr Njolinjo maize garden which is near a graveyard.

In the garden, the two nephews found a heap of maize stalk which they burnt as they were looking for mice tunnels.

After the fire was extinguished, the two nephews saw a pistol which they thought that it was a toy and they picked it.

As they were playing with the pistol, they pressed a trigger and discharged two bullets and fortunately it did not injure any person.

The two nephews handed the pistol gun to their elder brother Lazarus Mathews who also handed the pistol to Mr Mtengula.

Mr Mtengula then handed over the pistol gun to Ntchisi Police on Wednesday.

The pistol gun is bearing the following details: 22.LR-Serial numbers GI 36350 Peacer make Runt Line.22.

Police visited the scene and matter is under inquiry.

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