Angry Woman Paints Donald Trump With Her Menstrual Blood (Photos)

Presidential candidate and billionaire Donald Trump is no stranger to being ridiculed. However, one Oregon artist, Sarah Levy, may have finally gone too far in her attempt to ridicule Donald who made an inflammatory degrading post about a bloodied woman. See the blood paint and Donalds tweet after the cut:

She decided to made a painting of him, using only her menstrual blood since Donald loves blood.

The painting, somewhat laughably titled “Whatever,” features the Republican candidate striking a very famous, and very red, pose. Levy created the artistic rendering as a response to Trump’s insults toward Megyn Kelly after that first Republican debate.

She talked to BuzzFeed News about the reasoning behind the blood-soaked depiction:

“That he thinks he can bring up the healthy functioning of women’s reproductive systems to insult women’s intelligence is a big problem that I think needs to be called out.”


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