UNILADs Cheating Husband Filmed Having Sex In Street Threatens Neighbour With Knife For Posting Video image

A married man who was filmed having sex with another woman in the street has been arrested for threatening the neighbour who recorded him with a knife.

Carl Vause, 33, was filmed having sex with the woman on a street in Grimsby in broad daylight. The video was then posted to a Facebook group, where he was named, The Mirror reports.

The pair only stopped having sex when a passing woman complained, telling the pair that there were children nearby.

After he was outed, Vause stormed round to his neighbour’s house with a kitchen knife and confronted their partner, demanding: “Where is Rick?”

The neighbour called the police and he was then arrested. Vause told officers:

You better keep an eye on me. I am going to get every one of those Facebook people

Vause admitted threatening behaviour, was given a curfew and ordered to pay court costs of £325. The woman involved has not been named, but was given a police caution for outraging public decency.

His solicitor, Andrea Wilkes, said he’d been drinking with friends when the incident in the street happened.

When he was arrested, Vause told officers that he had the knife because he had been cutting meat in his kitchen.

Ms Wilkes also said her client had been suffering from mental health issues, and is receiving medication for depression.


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