Nsanje woman who had her house burnt last month is still struggling to access justice on her case.

Christina Daga 39, of Fulukiya village in the area of Chief Malemia in the district claims people who were behind the torching of her house remain free despite all her efforts to have them arrested and tried in court.

Daga who recently alleged to have been forced to pay a police officer a sum of K1,500 for speedy justice delivery on her case said she was not amused with the way her case was being handled by the police as people who torched her house have yet to be brought to justice.

The woman who claim to have lost property worth over K200,000  in the inferno is being subjected to verbal abuse from the arson suspects and she blames it on failure by the police to take them to court for trial.

She said as a concerned party she has been trying to push the law enforcers to take the matter to the court but nothing has happened.

“I have been trying to push for justice on my case but the police have not been assisting me. Every time I visit their office they say I would be called when the need arises. People who are behind the arson are living freely in the village and they insult me every time we meet.

“I tried to meet the Nsanje Police Officer In-Charge but I could not be given the chance to meet him by the police officers. I do not know what to do,” Daga said.

However Nsanje Police Station Officer Superintendent Sanie Chitalo pushed back the blame to the woman claiming she has hardly been using right channels to have her issue addressed.

“The woman could have followed the right procedure to be assisted. Had it been that the procedure was followed, I am sure that she could have been already assisted,” said Chitalo without stating the procedures which are supposed to be followed to get justice from the law enforcers.(MANA)

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