A Malawian woman is on South African Police wanted list after stabbing her boyfriend to death in Cape Town.

South African police confirmed of the development and identified the suspect as Edith Ngulube.

According to police in Cape Town, Ngulube is reported to have stabbed her lover Emmanuel Manda on Saturday night after the two has quaralled.

According to their neighbour, the argument sparked after Manda found out that the girlfriend was seeing another man.

“They have been arguing for a long time, what triggered the argument is that Edith was seeing another man and Emmanuel did find out”,said one of their neighbour Emmie Maliro.

Maliro said the two on Saturday went out but unfortunately met the other guy and the couple started arguing at the club then later dragged each other home where the argument escalated.

Edith grabbed a knife and stabbed the boyfriend on a chest, she then walked away out of the house and is at large, Maliro said.

Manda is said to have been taken to hospital by neighbours who rushed to his house after they heard him screaming.

Police are also urgently seeking information on Ngulube and have called upon the community to help

“We are very keen to trace Edith Ngulube. Investigations are ongoing and our priorities are to locate the woman.

“I would urge anyone who thinks they have seen Edith Ngulube to contact police as soon as possible. Anyone who sees her should not approach her and should contact police immediately,” a spokesperson told FaceofMalawi.



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