Prophet Shepherd Bushiri on Thursday made headlines again not in miraculous ways as he is known for but for arriving in the country using a private plane.

Bushiri, popularly known as ‘Major 1’ is scheduled to host a Miracle Weekend Crusade at Mzuzu Stadium in the Northern part of Malawi.

Speaking to the press after his arrival, Bushiri said he was happy to be home and he urged all Malawians to come out in large numbers for tomorrow’s event in Mzuzu.

The plane that he boarded is branded “Shepherd Bushiri Aircraft” and is flown by two white pilots.

From Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe, Bushiri boarded his convoy that awaited him which had among others, 2 Hummer vehicles, BMW X6 and other posh cars.

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  1. The holy prophet pray for the following sins
    Alcohol usage
    Diabetic illness
    Low sexual drive
    Financial problems
    Family bonding
    Loans without knowledge of my wife
    To be honest to parner
    To be promoted at work
    Working together with my colleagues
    Be faithful to them
    Love them
    Be a good leader
    Respect them
    Helpful to them
    Have mercy
    God almighty i prayed to be relieve from these sins Amen in the name oofJesus

  2. Poor people are always hating…I am not a malawian but you must be proud of Prophet S Bushiri to be your own. South Africa is on map because of him..He told the President of South Africa to stop xenophobia on behalf of yoir fellow malawians in refugee camps in Durban(kwazulu natal). Open your eyes and see a blessing you have Malawians.


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