Time seem not to be ticking fast as poetry lovers are eagerly waiting for the launch of Sylvester Kalizang’oma’s Unkalindanji Moyo? DVD on 18 October this month at Blantyre Cultural Centre (BCC).

The DVD which is a product of three years and is the first of its kind is expected to revolutionize poetry in Malawi by appealing to a larger audience.
“I have decided to move with time. People are slowly losing interest with reading poetry as well as listening to it on audio CDs. Time has come for them to watch poetry on DVD as we are now living in the digital age,” says Sylvester Kalizang’oma who is also a Publicity Secretary of Poetry Association of Malawi (PAM) to explain the reason behind the launch of the DVD.

However, a number of people FaceofMalawi talked to expressed various expectations from the DVD launch next Sunday.

One of the poetry addicts, Humphrey Dotolo says the launch of Unkalindanji Moyo? DVD, on 18 October, 2015 will be a milestone in the poetry industry.

“Unkalindanji Moyo? DVD has come at the right time when technology is invading the shores of every artistic work. And I am sure, many budding and veteran poets will borrow a leaf from what the versatile poet, Sylvester Kalizang’oma has brought to the entertainment world.

“I am anticipating more fireworks from Kalizang’oma, he never disappoints because he is a master of theatrical poetry. He is an exceptional poet, a mirror of the society because his poems are based on true life stories,” says Dotolo.

Jameson Chauluka of Chitawira said: “Poetry on a DVD is an interesting phenomenon. I hope his DVD will de-mystify and simplify the message contained in the verses because many people associate the messages contained in the poems to be an enigma, and something so hard to understand but when put on a DVD, I think many people will start following poetry.”

Another poetry lover, Mercy Namwiyo describes the first Malawian poetry DVD of Unkalindanji Moyo? as mature and unique considering the fact that there are experienced actors, directors, and producers who took part in the project.

“I have so far watched a couple of promoted videos from the DVD on local television stations and I should say they are excellent and not tedious, very unique and mature. The scenes are well coordinated, and perfectly matching with the lines of the poems,” says Namwiyo.

Namwiyo also believes that Kalizang’oma’s DVD will be passed from generation to generation as a way of preserving our vernacular language.

Among the popular poems in the DVD is the title, Unkalindanji Moyo?, Okondedwa Meliyana, Dzibwerako Mwanawe, Chondiliza and Kandibweletsere Mkazi.

During the launch, Robert Chiwamba, Hudson Chamasowa, Joseph Madzedze, Raphael Sitima, Wamtali Savala Gogoda, Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa, Felix Njonjonjo Katsoka, Yohane Pangani, stand-up comedians Aunt Gate, Snowden Mr. Malawi Tembo, Frank Atcheya Naligonje, Nicholas Chenkope Mbonela, Patience Namadingo, and The Mighty GYV dancing crew are all expected to perform.

The DVD was directed by Frank Atcheya Naligonje and produced by Stiah Pingasa of Bizgraphix.

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