President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has rebuffed the call by Civil Society Organization (CSOs) that he should resign from his position over his bloated trip to the United National General Assembly (UNGA), saying the call is baseless.

Mutharika said this at Kamuzu Palace in the capital Lilongwe as he was responding to a question raised by Capital Fm reporter Joseph Mazeze.

According to the media reports, Mutharika is reported to have been accompanied by over 111 delegates to the summit blowing over MK300 million on air tickets.

The development sparkled commotion within Malawians and CSOs gang up demanding for an immediate resignation of Mutharika, accusing him of being inconsiderate.

Reacting to the call, Mutharika said he has explained everything in details and there is no need for him to resign.

“Tell whosoever is advocating for this that I won’t resign. I am not here for money, I came to Malawi only to help while already rich,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika also warned media houses in the country to tread careful in there reporting, saying this kind of reporting is dragging the country backward.

Mutharika who looked so angry said all the challenges being experienced in the country was created by opposition People’s Party (PP).

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  1. Its true, journalists take this as their headliner everyday, this is our Country, Lets LOVE it

  2. People write what they see and are concerned with impact on the majority poor of the careless thinking of leaders. Do not loose temper but see some sense in what people say and act, Sir


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