Barely one week after Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) Police on 30th September was intercepted Chamba (Cannabis sativa) package heading to Dublin, Ireland, another lot also heading to Europe intercepted on Tuesday.

KIA Police spokesperson, Sgt. Sapulain Chitonde, confirmed of the incident and said the chamba was in two separate packages, all posted from Blantyre, and heading to two respective addresses in the UK.

“One package weighing 4.4kg was posted by a lady in Blantyre and it was going to a name and address in Yorkshire, UK; while the other package weighing 4.7kg was posted by a man in Blantyre and it was addressed to a name and address in London, UK,” explained Chitonde.chamba 2

Like the other package that was confiscated on September 30 and also posted from Blantyre, the two packages were wrapped in metal paper foil and concealed in fine art “books”.

According to Chitonde, smugglers believe that metal paper foil bars x-ray security machine from detecting contents of a package but he said KIA’s security system was far more advanced than the smugglers thought.

The police are still investigating to establish the identities of the senders and the intended recipients of the prohibited drug.

Sale, exportation and consumption of chamba in Malawi is prohibited under Sections 4 and 19 of Dangerous Drugs Act and those caught on the wrong side of the law are charged with Illegal Exportation of Dangerous Drugs, according to Chitonde. mana

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