I still don’t understand why Malawian Men go crazy about big behinds. Its embarrassing walking down the road and I start getting all sorts comments and looks from Men.

The most painful part is I cant wear fitted skirts and gowns and feel comfortable anymore.

Ladies with big backside how do you cope? I get very shy when walking down the road because of the way Men stare at me. Its very embarrassing.

What should I do?

I have heard Men shout Mbina when they see me. Seriously what should I do, am not finding it funny.

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  1. Malawian women do not like admirers,thank God for that for some women have lived the whole of their lives without any admiration from men,make sure your attire is respectful and not seductive.

  2. Is it not time to return the favor Vbvsylh beauty that God gives you a gift you do not hurt the hearts of others, perhaps those of the blessing


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