Police in Lilongwe have arrested a woman alleged to have stolen two babies.

She is alleged to have stolen the first, a day old baby, at Mtenthera Health Centre in Nathenje.

According to National Police Spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Rhoda Manjolo, the woman was arrested after being caught with another baby whom she stole at Kamuzu Central Hospital on Wednesday.

The suspect Rosemary Leo, 25, comes from Zandi Village in the Area of Traditional Authority Kaphuka in Dedza.

Manjolo said Leo stole a baby at Kamuzu Central Hospital it was left by her mother who had gone to take a bath.

“Maureen Chisangwi gave birth to twins on September 28 this year at Ntchisi district hospital and she was sent to KCH for further treatment.

“While at KCH, the suspect approached the guardian as a well-wisher that she wanted to help her in taking care of the child and as the guardian was busy with another child the suspect run away with the child and information was passed to police formations hence her arrest by Nathenje police officers,” explained Manjolo.

The police spokesperson said the baby which Leo had stolen earlier at Nathenje was found alive at her home village.

“She left the first baby after people got suspicious about her. The matter was reported to Thete police who after investigations found the baby with her younger sister,” she said.

It is not known yet why Leo stole babies.

Meanwhile, Police have pleaded with the general public especially parents to look after their children and stop trusting people they are not sure of. mana

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  2. SHAME face of Malawi what’s the connection with the police woman picture ????? it looks awkward put those two Babies at least it ll sound or the thief


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