Mother of Real Madrid forward, Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed that she wanted to abort the baby when she was pregnant with the football star.

She revealed this in a scene at the end of the new film about Cristiano Ronaldo’s life.

“I wanted to have an abortion but God did not want that to happen,” she says to camera as quoted by Daily Mail .

“Cristiano was an unwanted baby but he’s given me so much joy.’

Ronaldo recently released a trailer for his new film, also called ‘Ronaldo’, which follows his life over a year. 

The film ‘Ronaldo’ is about the life of the football star having allowed film crew to have access to his private and public life over 14 months.

In the two-minute trailer starts off with Ronaldo as a kid and how he started football.

His mum is also seen talking about how she raised him.

The film also includes interviews with those close to the player.

The journey to the Real Madrid’s ‘la decima’ – their tenth European cup is also in the documentary.

The film which is distributed by Universal Studios will be released in November and will premiere in London.

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