Police have arrested United Democratic Front (UDF) Member of Parliament for Machinga constituency Shaibu Jones Kaliati for allegedly having sex with an underage girl at Anne’s Lodge in Lilongwe.

The arrest comes barely hours after FaceofMalawi carried out the story.

UDF MP Liliani Patel and the Police in Lilongwe have confirmed of the development in an interview with the press, saying Kaliati is being kept at Lingazi Police Station.

Kaliati was spotted at the hotel by unknown people who tipped the mother of the girl Emily Chinthu Banda MP who rushed to the scene and found the MP with the girl but already abused sexually.

The girl is a student at Bambino Private School in the capital Lilongwe.

Meanwhile the Legal Affairs Committee has demanded for Justice on the matter, saying its disgrace to the August House.

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  1. Abale tandithandizeniko, kodi mukamati Kaliati wagwiririra you mean a husband to Patricia? Or maina angofanana? Please tell me before I start accusing. Because ngati ali husband wa Patricia then shame on her because Patricia amalimbikitsa maphunziro atsikana yet lero mamuna wake wagwiririra student, koma ngati simamuna wake am very sorry to her.

  2. well done a police for doing recommended job but you are not arresting those two deputy speakers for stealing our public funds since psc confirmed kuti ndalamazo zimabedwadi mukuwaopa? Anthu amapanga bail atamangidwa kaye kumafufuza za nkhaniyo.Koma osaiwala kuti what goes around comes what comes around goes around.

  3. But for those who know what these so called under age are doing, will not dare to arrest the MP. The so called under age are the ones who are interested in the old male counter parts so that they should have money. Make your investigations properly or go around and see how these young girls are enticing the old males to fall in love with them. Go to Golden pea cock and see how many young girls are around the place waiting to be hooked. Firstly the law enforcers should arrest the under age from the drinking places and some entertainment joints not befitting their age. Secondly enforce a dressing code that is so erotic to entice men to propose them. I rest my case.


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