Well-known Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri currently based in South Africa over the weekend visited his farm in the Northern district of Rumphi where he donated money amounting to MK1, 000,000 for the school project.

The development comes barely days after he also donated money amounting to MK40 million to people affected by floods during last year’s growing season which saw over 170 people losing their lives in the process.

The farm is located in the area of Chief Zolokere which also happened to be his home village.

Speaking after donating the cash, Bushiri promised to square the remaining balance of MK1.2 million in the coming month of February.

Bushiri, commonly known as Major 1 by most of his church followers made headlines on Wednesday when he unveiled his third jet worth K2, 800,000,000.

Many people accused him of milking his ministry but he trashed these claims, saying he run lots of business in Africa which generates revenue for him and some of the said cash is used to fund his ministry.

Bushiri said he has over 30 mineral mines in Africa, 27 of them gold mines, he has oil wells, a university in South Sudan and property in Dubai and will soon open an international bank and mobile service company in South Africa.

Bushiri arrived in the country on Thursday last week through Kamuzu International Airport in the capital Lilongwe.

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  1. Bodza, with this rain season can maize reach this stage? Ku Rumphi mvula yayamba kumene

  2. While other men of God are hiding in USA and Europe wearing their shinny suits, eating sushi and caviar and only good at attacking others. Bushiri is in Africa lifting lives of Africans, helping African with their daily problems.


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