Angry mob in the eastern district of Balaka on Wednesday took the law into their own hands by setting a blaze a vehicle belonging to a Malawi Defence Force soldier.

The MDF soldier identified as Christopher Semu is alleged to have accidentally hit a 15-year-old boy to death at Balaka Turn off, prompting the irate crowd on the seen to go on rampage.

Balaka Police Spokesperson Joseph Sauka confirmed of the development in an interview with the press.

Sauka said the angry mob stormed Ulongwe Police Station demanding for the immediate release of the driver so that they can administer mob justice on him.

“After realizing that their wish will not be granted, the irate crowd descended on the vehicle belonging to Semu and they end up setting it ablaze,” said Sauka.

Meanwhile Police have arrested the driver and charged him with an offence of reckless driving causing death.

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