Opposition People’s Party (PP) spokesperson Ken Msonda has back Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) in questioning government’s decision to suspend laws that criminalize homosexuality, saying it’s only the parliament that has powers to issue a moratorium on the issue.

Government through Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu issued a moratorium on gays and ordered an immediate release of two gays arrested in the capital Lilongwe following pressure from donors who threatened to take unspecified action.

The development sparked commotion among Malawians, accusing the government of lacking direction on the matter.

In a statement released recently MHRC Chairperson Justin Dzonzi said the moratorium issued by the state on the matter is illegal.

Dzonzi accused the government of flouting procedures in issuing the moratorium, saying it’s only the parliament that has those powers.

Backing Dzonzi’s remarks, Msonda said he already questioned the moratorium.


“It is only the parliament that has an endowed mandate to alter the law through a discussion sunctioned by the general citizenry. The moratorium that government had imposed on anti-homosexual laws is therefore funny, ridiculous, demeaning and basically illegal hence must be disregarded and discarded,” said Msonda.

Msonda said: “The Executive Order that was issued by the Mutharika administration is, thus, arrogant and unwelcome before us.

“We condemn and reject it!.”

Meanwhile Cedep and CHRR have sued Msonda over his killing remarks directed at gays and he will appear in court January end.

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