Information sourced by FaceofMalawi indicates opposition People’s Party (PP) Spokesperson Ken Msonda has been dragged to court over his remarks that gays are worse than dogs and they should be killed.

The two Civil Society Organization (CSOs) that have dragged Msonda to court are Centre for the Development of the People (Cedep) led by Gift Trapence and Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR).

According to information at hand the NGOs have accused Msonda os citing violence against homosexuals contrary to section 124 of the country’s Penal Code.

The Section states that “any person who, whether in writing or by words or by his behaviour or otherwise— (a) solicits or incites any other person to fail to comply with or to contravene any law in force in Malawi or in any part thereof; or (b) indicates or implies to any person that it would be incumbent or desirable to fail to comply with or to contravene any such law, shall be liable to imprisonment for five years”

In his response, Msonda has challenged the two NGOs, saying he is ready to face them in court.

“Iam reliably informed that some homosexuals who have all along been hiding behind advocating for minority human rights are at court to get summons for my arrest.

“Iam waiting for their summons, am prepared to meet them in court,” wrote Msonda on his official Facebook page.

Msonda said he has for so long suspected that some homosexuals are using innocent young boys and girls for their personal interest.

“Homosexuals engaged in this satanic,dogish and demonic act who have all along been hiding behind human rights are now being exposed.

“I call upon the Inspector General of Police to immediately arrest homosexuals hiding behind human rights because they are inciting citizens to break the law,” said Msonda.

Meanwhile Catholic Bishops in the country have urged President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika not to be pressured by donors on gays in the country.

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