Leadership wrangle is refusing to die in former ruling People’s Party (PP) with some top officials challenging the appointment of its interim leader Uladi Mussa and Kamlepo Kalua, saying procedures were flouted during the appointments.

Former President Dr. Joyce Banda who is in self-imposed exile two weeks ago appointed Mussa as interim leader and Rumphi East Member of Parliament Kamlepo Kalua as third Vice President for the Party.

The development sparked divisions in the Party with five top officials obtaining an injunction at Mzuzu High Court restraining the two from taking their positions.

The five officials namely: Salim Bagus, Cliffer Kondowe, Bornwell Kapatuka, Daniel Kayipa and Zeleso Gomani say the appointment of the two did not follow proper procedures.

PP spokesperson Ken Msonda confirmed of the development in an interview with the press.

Msonda described the five as not genuine members of the Party.

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