Opposition People’s Party (PP) supporters in the North on Monday took to the street to protest the recent firing of its provincial chair Christopher Mzomera Ngwira, saying the firing of Ngwira is unconstitutional.

Mzomera Ngwira was fired from party by the newly appointed Interim leader Uladi Mussa for allegedly siding with former President Dr. Hastings Kachali and organizing thugs to disrupt the meeting organized by Mussa on Sunday in the North.

According to an eyewitness from Mzuzu said, protestors in PP t-shirts sang anti-Mussa’s songs, saying he has to step down as Interim leader.

The angry supporters also protested the appointment of Mussa, saying the tendency of handpicking is not allowed in the party.

“We do not see any reason why the Acting President Uladi Mussa and the Secretary General Ibrahim Matola should fire people in the party like that. What is wrong with Ngwira to be fired? If he is bringing confusion,” Clive Nthakomwa, representative of the protesters told the press.

Nthakomwa said if Ngwira and others are not reinstated as soon as possible the Party should brace for more squabbles in the Party.

Over the weekend, Ngwira told one of the privately owned radio station in the country [Zodiak Broadcasting Station] that he does not recognize his firing, saying he is still PP.

Ngwira branded Mussa a political failure who is there to destroy the Party which is already in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

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