Police in Machinga have arrested Anusa Jafali 42 for defiling his 12 year old niece and Ellebe Jafali 40, for aiding the defilement.

What transpired is that in 2014, the family decided to take full custody of the victim in the same district.

It is reported that after they started living together, Ellebe started persuading the victim to be sleeping with her husband (Anusa) to the extent that one day when Ellebe went to take a bath, Anusa dragged the victim to his bedroom where he defiled her.

After that, Anusa collected some sperms he produced and put in a bottle and his wife drunk part of it when she came back from the bathroom and put the remaining in the basin for Anusa to bath the mixture of the said sperms.

The incident kept happening for many times until this year when the victim reported the matter to her mother who immediately reported to Police who arrested the suspects.

Police through Eastern Region Police Spokesperson, Otilia Kumanga confirmed that the suspects are under police custody waiting to be taken to court after investigations are completed to answer charges leveled against them.

Anusa comes from Msanama Village in the area of Senior Chief Msanama in Machinga district while Ellebe hails from Khuzumba Village in the area of Traditional Authority Kawinga in the same district.

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