Malawians have to wait for a little longer before the shooting case of former budget director Paul Mphwiyo which led to massive revelations of the plunder of public funds at Capitol Hill is concluded as the state has applied for four more witnesses to be paraded.

The development follows the move taken by the defence to parade Airtel Malawi expert to determine whether the second accused Pika Manondo was within area 43 in Lilongwe during the shooting of Mphwiyo.

The defence brought in Kelvin Kuyeri who is working with airtel Malawi as Radio Network Planet manager for the company to explain to court whether its true that Manondo was within the area claimed by the state in the case.

In his testimony, Kuyeri told the court that that in 2013 Area 10 had four towers and that Area 43 which house gunshot survivor Mphwiyo had three towers and also that one tower can locate or capture one location at a distance of 120 degrees clockwise from the starting point of the tower.

He said it’s not certain that the tower can locate you at exactly 120 degress distance as experienced has showed that it may go beyond that sometimes as the tower radioactivity do lapse beyond 120.

Reacting to the claims raised by Kuyeri, State prosecutor Mary Kachale applied to the court that the state should parade four more witnesses to dispute the claims, saying the evidence tendered in the court are new.

Kachale then requested the presiding Judge Michael Mtambo to adjourn the case to allow the state to bring more witnesses to the case.

But the request did not please, the third accused who is also former Justice Minister Ralph Kasambara who argued that the State is now playing delaying tactics on the matter.

Meanwhile, Judge Mtambo has since adjourned the matter to 9,10 and 11th of May 2016 where the state is expected to parade their new four witnesses during the three days.

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