People plying various businesses in the commercial capital Blantyre on Tuesday had to run for their lives as Police were on rampage beating up everyone.

The incident happened around 6pm.

The Police mounted roadblocks in all routes around the City and they could search each and every vehicle which was passing.

While expressing ignorance on the beating, Blantyre Police Spokesperson Andrew Mayawo indicated that the officers were conducting their normal duty.

There has been heavy presence of police in Blantyre and Limbe central business districts (CBDs) starting from around 4:30 pm.

FaceofMalawi understands that the same thing happened in Limbe.

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1 ndemanga

  1. Where is DPP taking us to? It’s really pathetic that we should get back to this type of life under democratic dispensation. Why do our politicians not learn from history…..These same phenomenon characterised the second term of Bingu’s presidency and things didn’t go well till we lost him….its just a shame to our so called democracy.


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