Police in Kasungu have sought the intervention of Department of Parks and Wildlife to help get rid of hyenas that are wreaking havoc in Traditional Authority (T/A) Wimbe’s area.

Police’s call for help has come after a 10-year-old boy was attacked by the marauding hyenas on the evening of Sunday and barely a week after a 65-year-old man was also attacked by the wild animals.

The boy (name withheld) met his fate in Kabamila village close to Estate 87 which is near Muchezi Hill.

According to Kasungu Deputy Police Publicist Harry Namwaza, the victim went to play football with friends at a ground located near the hill within the same village.

“When they were returning to their respective homes they met three hyenas which started chasing them. As they were taking to their heels, the victim slipped and fell down which gave the three hyenas a chance to start attacking him.

“Lucky enough, the houses are not far from the spot where the boy was being attacked which gave the victim a chance to be rescued by the villagers upon hearing the message of his attack from his friends,” said Namwaza.

The victim was rescued and rushed to St Andrews Hospital at Mthunthama from where he was referred to Kasungu District Hospital.

He suffered a deep cut in the head, chest and buttocks where the teeth of the hyenas who were scrambling for his body got deep into his fresh.

Meanwhile, the condition of the victim is said to be stable and is improving.mana

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