Down the ages prophets were very much useful to the nations. The wise kings used to work hand in hand with prophets such their kingdoms should endure in peace forever. God used to speak to the kings through prophets how to govern their kingdoms and to warn them if their acts went against the moral values of humanity. God could not send misfortunes upon kings without warning them.  God had to tell the kings the reason why such misfortunes would befall upon them.  If they acted wisely God would spare them.  For example, King David in book of Samuel, after being committed adultery, God sent Prophet Nathan who came personally to warn him. Therefore, Nathan prophesied that because of that the illegitimate child would die but God might spare the life of King David.

Contrary to such procedure, modern prophets are not constructive in dealing with prophesy concern presidents and the nation in general.  They just come on air and say, ‘I see such thing will happen.’ Therefore such development does stir up fear, confusion, anger, doubts and discomforts among the listeners. In support of this claim, we have heard and seen things came to pass after being prophesied by T B Joshua. As current stands, the fear has engulfed in the heart of president Peter Mutharika once heard prophesy about his death through the same Prophet. Mutharika failed to withhold his anger but openly criticized Joshua at a rally in nation’s capital, Lilongwe on 14 March 2016.

“Let me tell you Joshua, you will fail. What you did in 2012 will not happen again this year.” The president was quoted to have said.

Despite the courage, Mutharika had, the fear of death haunted him. He then attended a night of prayer which was organized by local clergy on April 1 last Friday in Blantyre. This night of prayers was organized for many reasons among which to shame this prophesy that Mutharika would die before April 1, 2016.

As current stand we do not know if this night of prayer has removed the fear which Mutharika had. This fear and confusion came to be because the prophet did not communicate his prophesy wisely. The prophet after being notified with such prophesies would come silently to meet president in personal as prophet Nathan did. Therefore, if modern prophets continue to behave this way as Joshua did, people will likely lose their confidence in them.

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