The big figures, civil societies both local and internationals, government of Malawi and religious boards have been condemning the public, especially local Malawians for taking the laws into their hands by killing suspects.

In April the United Nations commission for Human Rights blamed the Malawi government for an increase of mob justice, whereby 16 people were killed in two months.

Not only that but also there have been several examples, where communities have killed suspects before police to do their job. The prominent one is that of Nsanje district in March where 7 people were killed after being caught red handed in possession of Human bones. These people were all killed by angry mob.

In Chikwawa district, there was also a similar case in April, where a man was killed by community after he murdered a woman and started eating her fresh.

These examples of news can indeed make one fly to the rage after hearing them from surface.

No doubt Malawi is criticized on international scene. It is really a bad development, where these Malawian citizens learn those inhuman acts? After all, Malawians have been named as peaceful people, hard workers and friendly ones over past years.

These are some of questions you may ask and start hating yourself if you are Malawian.

But are you really sure that mob justice is totally wrong measure to reduce crime in Malawi?

Well, let us consider another example where police rescued certain person from a mob but just later on let him go clean without any charge.

In April, this year, in Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi, police managed to rescue a man from the drunkard mod who was about to kill him. This man disguised himself as a woman in prostitution.  He managed to seduce certain man at drinking joint and they both went to a room where a client noticed that prostitute was a man not a woman. After being shouted for help, the well wishers came started beating this disguised female prostitute.  The police came and took this disguised person.   The following day, police released him, after claiming he did not commit any crime and they kept him during that night for his own safety.

What this tells you?

A man shouted for help because it was unusual thing as Malawian to have sex with a fellow man.

If this sex worker was a gay, why he disguised himself, not giving his clients the choice?

Could this man do that with an intention to rob his client?

Therefore, for police to release this man after being locked, did they respond to the reason why the mob was beating this person?

The police always leave these unanswered questions among the Malawian minds so, that’s why there will always be an increase of mob justice cases in Malawi.


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