Closing the Chancellor College was not enough to give an end to the violent demonstration by angry students who do not want a fees hike; the Malawi police have taken the matter to another level as they have arrested Chancellor College Students Union president James Ayuba Sylvester.

The information on ground indicates that Ayuba been arrested together with University of Malawi Students Union (UMSU) vice president Godfrey Pumbwa and the college’s UMSU representative Fiskan Nkhoma.

According to police, the three are facing charges of inciting violence.

However, it is still not clear if the police have are arrested Student Union Leaders for this demonstration or for disturbing the United States second Lady Dr. Jill Biden vehicles.

The burning of tyres at Matawale on the road M5 road, disturbed the Biden trip then sought a refuge at the Eastern Region Police office in Zomba, waited for the situation to calm down but cancel the visit to return to Blantyre.

Ayuba has attributed all violent demonstration to harsh police who provoked the students at Campus while holding their peaceful sit-in.

Meanwhile, Chanco has been closed with immediate effect and the college principal, Richard Tambulasi did not disclose when the college will open.

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