Former Justice Minister Ralph Kasambara will be sentenced to prison on August 22, 2016 for allegedly conspiring to murder former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo.

Kasambara together with his co-accused Macdonald Kumwembe and Pika Manondo were found guilty of conspiracy and attempted murder of Paul Mphwiyo on July 21, 2016 by the High Court Judge Michael Mtambo in the capital Lilongwe.

After the conviction, Judge Mtambo also ordered the revocation of the bail of the three.

Judicial Spokesperson Mlenga Mvula confirmed of the development in an i9nterview with the press, saying both the defence and the state is expected to make its final sub-mission on August 15, 2016.

“I can confirm that Kasambara, Manondo and Kumwembe will sentenced to jail on August 22”, said Mvula.

When asked whether Kasambara’s sentencing will start from the day his bail was revoked, Mvula denied commenting on the matter.

Meanwhile Kasambara has vowed to appeal his conviction.

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